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Wednesday, 22 November 2017
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Our New Service is now ONLINE!

We are happy to report that our newest venture is now online. The new site is called:
and it is a free peer-to-peer video card trading platform. The overall experience that we are aiming for is a combination of the EBay® like interface + free Craigslist® concept + some of the elements of forums trading. We are trying to blend all 3 of those into a single package and hopefully not only appeal to the community of PC hardware enthusiasts, but also to new people that are confused about the available choices.
In short, is a user-to-user trading place for people who want to exchange PC Video Cards with each other (for free too).

Attention Visitors.

This web site in China over at is a direct copy of our web site done without our permission. These people are not affiliated with Computer Fix and they do infringe on the Copyright Laws. Imitation however is the sincerest form of flattery.

Computer Fix will beat any written estimate of the Geek Squad by at least 25%.
In addition, order any residential $100.00 flat rate computer service and get a 1GB USB Flash Drive absolutely FREE. Make sure to take an advantage of these great offers while they last.

As a reminder, we are located in Ferndale , right in the middle of Metro Detroit. We also come to you at no extra charge and we work "after-work" for your convenience. 

Our new FORUM is now online!

Additional Computer Help is available right now through our totally free COMPUTER SUPPORT FORUM. We invite you to use this very helpful resource!

Michigan Computer Repair, Computer FixWelcome to Computer Fix.

Computer Fix is a Computer and Network Service & Repair company founded with the goal of providing quality computer services to residential and commercial clients throughout the Metro Detroit.
Computer Fix stands for the highest quality of computer services and business practices. We are a proud member of Better Business Bureau.
At Computer Fix we offer the following benefits to our residential clients:
  • No travel fees. Repair is performed at the customer's house or business at no extra charge.
  • Total satisfaction guarantee, or no charge.
  • Low, fixed "flat rate" fees for all repairs and services.
  • Services such as Spyware-Virus Removal, Computer and Laptop Repairs, Wireless Network installation typically runs for a maximum of $100.00 (flat rate fee). This is up to 50% less expensive than what our competitors charge for their "on site" services.
  • Upon request, we add a FREE firewall, FREE anti-virus software, and FREE anti-spyware software to every Computer Repair or Spyware-Virus Removal service. This package alone will allow our clients to save close to $100.00 on the price of this much needed software in addition to saving on annual "renewal fees".
  • Over 7 years of "hands on" computer repair experience.
  • Referrals from our long list of totally satisfied clients.
Our offer to commercial clients is very competitive as well. Computer Fix provides for:
  • The best possible Information Technology service at a rate of only $60.00/hr.
  • Flexible “cancel at any time” service contracts.
  • Experienced and properly trained service personnel.
  • Quick turnaround on all services.
  • “Best Deal Available” computer equipment purchase program.
Data recovery, spyware removal, Metro Detroit Services and Pricing site offers more details about what services we offer and pricing information.
Computer Fix
is the best choice for individual clients or small businesses looking for the best possible computer services. Our fees are low, we offer full satisfaction guarantee, and we do not charge travel fees!
Call us today at:
(734)-355-6235 or email us using the Computer Fix Contact Form.
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