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Wednesday, 22 November 2017
How to pick a desktop or laptop computer | Print |
Computer Fix. Easy computer shopping tips
Avoid the Megahertz myth.

Guide below provides for basic information on what parameters to look for when shopping for a PC class Desktop or a Laptop. It is intended for a novice user.

Many people ask – what kind of computer should I get and what parameters should I look for when buying one?
While the answer to that question is complex and it varies from each individual case (each person has a unique budget to spend, different uses for the computer, and distinctive expectations), there are a couple relatively simple “rules of thumb” which will help to get the most out of the purchase.
  • Rule number one: The Megahertz myth. When buying a new computer (desktop and laptop) do not specifically look at the number of Megahertz or the Performance Rating (numbers like 2.66 GHz or 3000+). For the casual user, this specific parameter will not make a big difference. Don’t get me wrong, higher number is better, but it is not the most important feature.
    The reality is that the Windows OS, the Internet, and the Office will feel very similar on a PC with 2 GHz Pentium 4, 2.53 GHz Celeron, or an Athlon 64 with the 3200+ performance rating. Of course there is a performance gap between these platforms, but for majority of people it will not be very noticeable.
    In general, computers based on Celeron, Duron, and Semptron processors are considered to be “budget” processors. Computers based on Pentium-M (laptop), Pentium 4, and Athlon 64 processors are faster. In addition, Intel branded processors are thought to be better for laptop computers. On the other hand, AMD branded CPUs offer more bang-for-the-buck and performance for desktops PCs.

  • Computer Fix - Computer shopping advice
    Select at least 512MB or RAM
  • Rule number two: The amount of RAM Memory – the number that matters the most. This is THE parameter we should keep in mind when buying a computer these days. Do not buy a computer with less than 512 MB of RAM. This is the minimum for a comfortable computing experience.
    Getting a system with 1GB of RAM will make it somewhat future-proof, so it will be a wise investment if you can afford it. Get as much RAM memory as you can, but once again - no less than 512 MB. Computers like RAM and this applies to any computer -PC, Mac, Desktop, or Laptop.

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